We create SUCCESS by making VIDEOS

For the last 12 epic years, we’ve been creating, writing, shooting, and crushing it with videos!
We’re all in, from the first spark of inspiration to the final glorious frame.

Our decade-plus of video editing experience, alongside our badass post-production house
empowers us to rapidly create stunning visual content.

With a game-changer production process, paired with cutting-edge AI tools, we bring super-fast results and drive success for companies that choose MARIMIX as their ultimate source for video content production. You’ll absolutely love working with us.

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Among Our Clients

Why Us

We provide a variety of video solutions,
we know how to connect the dots.

We work together with our clients in order to tailor-made the video production scale to fit our client’s budgets.

MARIMIX fundraising and crowdfunding videos had raised millions of dollars across the globe, we’re super proud to take part in the outstanding growth of our startup nation.


Clients Latters

I asked Marimix for a complex video and I didn't have any brief. They started almost from scratch and very quickly formulated a concept, a script, ideas for media integration and took over the challenge. In the eyes of the quality of their work is at the level seen in the cinema In my experience, Elad and Reut have a very developed musical concept. For me, the result surpassed any imagination
Complexity Code
Iris Kim
You accompanied us for a week to document a rally trip in which world leaders took part alongside cars worth millions of dollars while the trip was accompanied by the major media channels in Israel. You did an excellent documentary job that created a memorable film. You have created for us dozens of promotional videos that are distributed online and serve the company faithfully. All the projects you have done for us have always been accompanied by modesty, a warm attitude, and professionalism. The cinematography equipment, editing qualities and results speak for themselves We are happy to work with you and will do so in the future
Zohar Events
Yael Zohar
Marimix is a video production studio led by Reut Levin (Girl Power!) and her husband Elad. They help ORMAT create the new video marketing set-up. they do a professional job that brings amazing results! They do it wholeheartedly and really connect to the idea behind the company, they give everything to make it successful and make sure to accompany the whole process from start to finish until a perfect result (even with a problematic customer like ORMAT)
Tali Micheli

Our Tools

We are the “Swiss Army Knife” video creators you have been looking for your company video demands.
Our production solutions, alongside our post production studio allow us to provide great results and in short time.

Creative & Script writing

Research, script writing and
content development

Video Production

Small scale to big, big to giant.

Video Studio

Green screen setup, edits & post.

Post Production

Studio edits, audio mix,
color grading


Casting talents, actors and presenters for video productions

Narration & subtitles

Variety of 80 languages

Creating Success

Crowdfunding and fundraising videos produced by
MARIMIX successfully recruited


Producing Promotional Videos

In today’s video era promotional videos should be smarter, lighter, and more fun to watch.

Marketing videos, their job is not to tell us about the product, their job is to tell the viewer how much he will benefit from the product.  There is no hard worker like good promotional video, works 24-7, always available for your clients to watch, and can lead them directly to products cart with a click.

So when approaching a video production for you product or service,  the task is really to take all the doing, experience, years of activity, and all elements that make your company / product / service what it is.